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Cassi Dietz

Cassi Dietz


855-884-2360 ext. 6227


Why did you choose Atlas MedStaff?

I chose Atlas because it has a culture that matches the culture I'm looking for. The Atlas team truly has a family feel and has their travelers best interest in mind! I am blessed to have this opportunity to work with both my team and nurses.


Mom, dad, older brother, his wife, their two sons, younger sister, and her daughter.


Morris, he's a mini pig. Two dogs, Jango - Pomeranian and Inkus - Pomeranian/pekinese mix


Beach, lake, bonfires, snow skiing, hiking, breweries, friends, family, pets, photograph, board games, coffee, nature, and animals.

Top 3 things on your Bucket List:

1. Singing lessons

2. Visit Glacier National Park

3. Scuba dive

Favorite Quote:

"One smile can start a friendship. One word can end a fight. One look can save a relationship. One individual can save your life."